Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to our blog that is chronicling our 103 day journey out to sea and around the world on Cunard’s lovely Queen Mary 2.  We leave from New York City on Thursday, January 13, 2011, and shall return April 26 back to New York City.  This will be a sister trip (Barbara, Carolyn and Mary Jane) which makes it extra special!  Also traveling with us on the world voyage will be Barbara’s friend (also named Barbara) and JoAnn and Jim Ryan, a fun couple who live in Hilton Head, SC, and who have done the world cruise twice before on Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth 2.

Barbara, JoAnn, Jim, Mary Jane, Carolyn, and Barbara

There are so many preparations to make.  First we needed yellow fever vaccinations and all the other traveler vaccinations one should have for world travel.  We also have to send off our passports to get entry visas for Brazil, China, and India.  The paperwork to get that process started was a day of hassle for all of us, but in the end we got through it.  Most of the countries we are visiting do not require us to get advance permission to enter their country, but these 3 countries wanted notice and to collect extra fees.  Australia let us apply online so that was much easier (and cheaper).

Next on the agenda is the wardrobe.  Trying to figure out what to wear, what packs well, and what does not weigh a lot in the suitcase. Decisions, Decisions.

Barbara Cook, Barbara Dempsey, Carolyn Wood, Mary Jane


7 Responses to “Welcome to our Blog”

  1. did you get a picture of carolyn covered in mud?

  2. Boa viagem, Barb Cook! Steve did distrubute your cards at our MAC so I will keep tabs on your trip. I crossed the Atlantic on an Italian ship, the Michealangello in 1972. Our WV van went as extra baggage for $275! Do you think prices have gone up since then?????

  3. Hello Sisters and friends of sisters! This is Judy, the wife of Grif’s cousin and oldest friend, Pete Becker. The last time I talked to Barb, she was facing the prospect of deep snow in South Bend, Chicago, and New York, and not knowing whether she would even make it to the departure. I assume she made it.
    Enjoyed reading the article about it all in today’s NYTs. Warmest wishes to you all, Judy

  4. have fun we will miss you see you in 105 days

  5. Sounds fantastic Carolyn. Wishing you and your sisters a great cruise. Looking forward to seeing the updates. F

  6. You all look terrific! Now we want to see how you look after 103 days of world travel. Go for it girls! We can hardly wait to read about your experiences and see the photographs. We will think of you as we shiver up here with -7 degrees and blowing snow.

  7. This is a great photo of y’all!

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