How About Plan B?

Part of embarking on a grand adventure is knowing there will be unexpected surprises. . . .  And imagine them beginning before you even leave home.

On Monday evening, Delta Airlines canceled our Wednesday flight to New York because of the impending blizzard to hit New York City starting Tuesday afternoon and continuing through Wednesday. 12 to 14 inches of snow predicted along with 25 mph winds.  One of the weather forecasters called it a Snow Bomb. It may not be a technical term, but certainly does describe the situation.

So we all got busy and worked on Plan B, which is to scratch New York City and head south to sunny Fort Lauderdale.  The two Barbara’s from Michigan are flying out Wednesday (they hope, because they are getting socked with Lake Effect snow). Carolyn and Mary Jane are renting a car and leaving Thursday to drive from Okatie to Fort Lauderdale, hopefully completing the trip by Thursday night.  If Plan B proceeds smoothly, we shall have Friday to have some fun in Fort Lauderdale seeing the alligators and the flamingoes.

All of this has had its toll also on the cruise line, Cunard, and they are saying they will be late arriving in Fort Lauderdale, so I am not certain when we shall be able to board her as she is not scheduled to arrive until Saturday afternoon.  I think it will be a mess, but we can handle it.

However, there is one nagging little thing still left hanging.  Remember the luggage?  We shipped it to New York and it has been up there at Luggage Concierge’s facility outside of Brooklyn waiting for the ship to arrive.  We just hope that the roads will not be too icy that they cannot deliver it, because then we will be in trouble, big time.  That I am not certain we can handle so easily.  It is one thing to have the luggage enjoying a luxury ride in the cabin without us down from New York.  It is another thing to never see it again until we get home the end of April.  That would call for superior creativity on our part.  We would all have to make a mad dash for Chico’s.

Well, stay tuned and see how it all turns out.  I cannot give you any clues, because the script has not been written yet.


5 Responses to “How About Plan B?”

  1. What a hoot. It will all work out and you will handle it in your usual calm self assured way. Ps I know where you can pick up some grass skirts if needed 🙂

  2. Have been thinking of you these last few days, knowing you will find a way and love these “special memories” as part of the adventure! Have a fantastic time!!

  3. I hope your luggage makes it too or it’ll mean wearing a toga aboard the ship and visiting nudist beaches at your ports of call! 😉

  4. Carolyn,

    This is starting out like your tale of the moving trip from Albuquerque to your new home! Let’s hope the luggage gets on the ship. F

  5. What memories you are going to have – you will be laughing about all this someday! Have a wonderful time once you eventually get on that boat!

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