Always Remember Rule 14

The 2 Barbara’s arrived in Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday. From the snowy South Bend airport, their little Delta jet was so cold they could not get the engine jump started.  Had to use 3 separate contraptions to get the bird flying, but fly it did.  Missed their connection in Detroit, but caught the next plane south and arrived in Fort Lauderdale about dinner time.

Carolyn and Mary Jane left Okatie at 9 AM to pick up a rental car at the Savannah airport, and then pedaled down I-95 and arrived about 5 PM on Thursday evening.  So much for all the snow in NYC keeping us from our desired destination.

But we did miss the fireworks at the Statue of Liberty when all 3 Queens met up for the grand celebration.  There are a few great photos of the event on Cunard’s web site at  I am sure they will add more pictures to the Cunard blog, which I will send you when they are available.

Of course the last time I wrote the question about the luggage was still not resolved, so while we were zooming down I-95, we called Steve Fields at Luggage Concierge in New York, to get a status report.  It was 2 thumbs up that everything was loaded onto the ship, so we SHALL have clothes to wear instead of togas and not have to frequent the nude beaches or search for grass skirts. This was HUGE as you can imagine!

Today, Friday, we were off to see the flamingos.  We all have a totally new respect for photographers who take good flamingo pictures because those big rascals just do not stay still.

I did find one, though, that cooperated just fine.

I will leave you with a few words of advice.

Pay special attention to Rule 14.

It would be a life changing event if you did not follow it carefully!


3 Responses to “Always Remember Rule 14”

  1. Well you all have succeeded very well especially having all your luggage be with you, although it boggles the mind to think of y’all getting around in grass skirts! Take care and have a marvelous time. I love this Blog.

  2. Barbara Greenstein January 15, 2011 at 12:38 pm

    What a shame! No trips to Chico’s or the ships overpriced gift shop for replacement clothing! Glad you’re on board and watching those beautiful, stinky flamingos. Andy doing OK. Finishes radiation Wed. then will start chemo to buy us some more time probably on Monday following. Ruth keeps bringing great soups, chili and even beef stroganoff..home-made of course! My sister, Eileen, is a terrible cook but we don’t have the heart to refuse her good intentions! Love the blog!
    Love to all, Another Barbara!

  3. Bon Voyage! Have the most brilliant cruise and especially enjoy your time in Cape Town, my home city.

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