The Road to Bathsheba

We arrived this morning at Barbados, which is a former British colony here in the Caribbean, and we were greeted with a double rainbow at breakfast.  Unfortunately rainbows usually appear when there is rain, and right on cue, it rained.  After 2 gorgeous windy days at sea, we did not expect the wet welcome we received. And we did not get the picture of the double rainbow because we violated RULE NUMBER 1.  Always carry your camera.  But Barb did manage to capture this picture of the fading rainbow after madly dashing down two flights of stairs to her cabin for the camera.

We all signed up for the photographic shore excursion, so the 4 of us got on the bus for our tour of Barbados with stops at picturesque sights for photo opportunities.  Our leader was a famous Bajan photographer Ronnie Carrington. He entertained us on the drives with examples of his photographic skills, as well as sharing with us local history and lore.  We learned about chattel houses, Bajan sheep and goats (how to tell which are which . . . its all in the tail), and the fact that only Japan has more citizens over 100 years of age. Barbados is second in that race.

We met some of the local school children, who were not in school because their mother had just washed their school uniforms and they were still wet.  No funds for a spare set.  But it was impressive to learn that Barbados has a 95% literacy rate and that education is free through the college years.  And all healthcare is free to its citizens.

RULE NUMBER 2. Always keep your feet planted firmly on the ground.  As we continued on our way to Bathsheba, we stopped on a cliff overlooking the ocean to take a few pictures of the waves rushing to the shore. Carolyn of course went in the other direction, behind the bus, down the hill, to take pictures of the sheep with their baby lambs.  She was so engrossed in the moment that she did not realize that it had started to rain again, harder and harder, and finally realized she was in the midst of a ranting rainstorm.  The bus was getting ready to leave and was backing up.  Carolyn was trying to get back to the bus, but the rain had made the hillside slippery with mud and down she went.  Camera and lenses open to the rain, mud and grass stains all over her clothes and face.  She tried to get up, and fell again, but somehow managed to get upright once more and stumbled her way to the bus.  By the time she made it back on board she was drenched, her white pants were covered with mud and grass stains and she was quite shaken up, but her spirits were good even though she did not get the picture she had gone after.

We finally made it to Bathsheba,  Our reward was a beautiful vista out to sea and the recipe for rum punch.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.

1 part sour (lime juice)

2 parts sweet (simple syrup)

3 parts strong (Barbados rum)

4 parts weak (orange juice)

It was really quite tasty!

We had an uneventful drive back to the port where the Queen Mary was awaiting our arrival.  However, before we could get on board, we got stopped by Desmond, an officer and a gentleman of the local constabulary. We took Desmond’s picture and promised him it would not end up on Facebook.  Gave him the address for the blog, so I hope he gets to see himself on the Internet.

Well, that’s it for Barbados.  Next stop is Salvador in Brazil.


3 Responses to “The Road to Bathsheba”

  1. That Carolyn is at it again: wandering off to get photographs. I think maybe you need to get a looooooong leash and keep her on it when not on ship board.

    Thanks for the photographs. This is really fun to follow along with all of you vicariously.

  2. BATHSHEBA – if Carolyn was going to pick a place for a mishap, that is one beautiful place to do it! There is a shop in the port “Best of Barbados” owned for 35 years by the same artist family – they are one of our best clients – we reproduce more of their BATHSHEBA paintings than any other. Skip & I hired a car when we were there in Nov for 4-5 days and we had a relaxing stop at Bathsheba and enjoyed watching the surfers and the other sights. Have fun on the fabulous Queen Mary 2! Joy & Skip

  3. I guess Carolyn is now without one outfit for the long journey. She must be more careful!! Love the blog!
    Judy Cole

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