Barbara Dempsey’s Iguassu Falls Adventure

Barbara Dempsey



We were on the bus in Buenos Aires when I had occasion to sit next to the tour guide who joined us at the Buenos Aires airport on our arrival from Iguassu Falls. (this was no accident…I always try and sit near the front because I’m one of those people who believe if you are able to shoot lots of photos out the front window of the bus, that one or two of them will turn out ok.) The guide was Lucas, 25 years old, a native of the city, and he was trying to do the impossible—show us everything in the short ride to and from the restaurant where we would only have an hour or more to eat. The airlines in Argentina are impossibly late. We spent much of our day trying to get to Buenos Aires. As it turned out, we did see quite a few sites on the way to the restaurant, which turned out to have quite good food, even though you would have thought they were serving an Army.

I wondered aloud if Lucas ever had been to the United  States?  He had tried, he said, a few years earlier, but he was unable to get a visa approved by the Argentine government. Was the government afraid of a ‘brain drain?’ His response: few young people are able to get a visa because they stay in the United States instead of returning home so they are not granted permission to travel there. He was hopeful, though, that someday he would be able to visit.

While I have not felt unsafe on this trip, things like this remind me of how lucky I am to live in America.

–Barbara Dempsey

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