Table Mountain, Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa is a delight!!  On the first day, the two Barbaras took a cable car up Table Mountain and learned later that if the mountain likes you, she doesn’t let you leave Cape Town.


Table Mountain from Queen Mary 2 arriving in Cape Town.


Taking the Cable Car up to the top of Table Mountain


Queen Mary 2 as seen in the harbor from atop Table Mountain.

MJ and CJ focused on the harbor area, encountering a giant red robot that, from a distance, appeared to be constructed of Legos.  On closer inspection, we discovered it was created out of red plastic Coca-Cola crates, quite an inventive way of making people aware of the importance of recycling.

Tours abound.  We were particularly tempted by a close encounter with the great white shark, but finally agreed that we could forego that adventure.


Cape Town is a very inviting and relaxing port that begs one not to hurry through it.  CJ  and MJ enjoyed the British Colonial and modern architecture, took photos of the gulls and then stopped to watch ubiquitous musicians who serenaded as we ambled along.




More on Cape Town tomorrow!


2 Responses to “Table Mountain, Cape Town South Africa”

  1. Betty Schnatterly February 8, 2011 at 9:45 am

    Oh, how terrific!!!

  2. Oh you lucky people! To be able to spend some real time in Cape Town. I just flew in, transferred to another plane and flew on to Johannesburg. But I hear the vineyards outside Cape Town are beautiful and I know that the wine I had in South Africa was very, very good.

    You have some lovely shots of the port, the animals and the people. isn’t swimming with the sharks supposed to be swimming with the dolphins?? (not when one looks like the one you photographed). Continue to have fun. Love following you and your adventures!

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