A Meeting of the Oceans

The second day we were in Cape Town, we left the city to venture down to Cape Point.  Before reaching Cape Point, we stopped at Camps Bay for a picture, also stopped along the roadside for a visit with the Ostrich, and a distance shot of the Painted Antelope.


We arrived at the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve.  There were signs warning us about the Baboons and Cobras, but we missed seeing them.  The baboons are a real problem in this area because they break into people’s homes by opening unlocked windows and doors, and then go through all the cupboards and even get into the refrigerator. Their “M-O” is very distinguishable so no need to call the local constables.

Cape Point is within this 19,500 nature preserve, which has examples of vegetation that are only found here and no where else in the world, and is also the point where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Indian Ocean.  We took a funicular part way up and then climbed rock stairs to the top of the Point for breath taking views of the two oceans merging.






One Response to “A Meeting of the Oceans”

  1. Betty Schnatterly February 15, 2011 at 9:43 am

    Wow, forgot all about the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans meeting. Am learning alot from your wonderful voyage.

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