Mauritius ~ middle of the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar

It was a rainy day when we arrived in Mauritius, so picture taking was not the best.  Plus we found out that some of what we wanted to take pictures of was already extinct or nearly so.  Mauritius itself is a melting pot of cultures, a mixture of Afrikaners, Indian, and Asian, with a sprinkling of Dutch, French, and other European countries.

Hindu Temple

Mauritius has recently added quite a few luxury resorts for the jet set crowd, with lovely sandy beaches, and deep sea fishing that is famous, but the main part of the Island and its population are relatively poor.  Port Louis itself has 1.2 million people within the city, so it is crowded walking the streets, but colorful with all the various styles of dress.


Belle Mare Place

Mauritius is known for its postage stamps.  CJ and MJ tried to get to the Postal Museum, but it was not in the cards to accomplish that day.  Instead we met an interesting wood carver (Pepe) and dodged the rain.

Pepe the wood carver



Pepe's street people


The two Barbara’s went to a nature preserve on another part of the Island searching for the big tortoises as well as endangered birds.  They found the tortoises but the birds were more elusive. So in cases like this, I have added some “stock” photos so you can see what we were searching for.  It is a beautiful island, just not so much in the rain.

giant lilly pads


endangered Pink Pigeon


endangered Pink Pigeon



Extinct DoDo bird (last seen on Mauritius)



When Carolyn was reviewing the photos that sister Barb had taken on her shore excursion, CJ saw two shots of a skink (lizard like reptile) and said to Barb that if she had seen the same skink, she would have taken numerous photos of it from all different angles. To that, Barb commented, “It was a statue.”  Carolyn queried, “Oh, you mean it wasn’t real?”  To which Barb replied, “It was too real. It was a real statue.”





One Response to “Mauritius ~ middle of the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar”

  1. it is great fun to follow you along on your adventures. I can sympathize with you about the rain/drizzle on some of your shore leaves. What about a few shots of you all enjoying life/food and exercise onboard? You are sending along some gorgeous photos. Keep up the good work! Our love to you all.

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