Fremantle (Freo) Australia

We left Durban, South Africa in the evening on Monday February 7, and except for a rainy day in Mauritius, we had been at sea for 8 days, arriving at  Freemantle, Australia on Thursday morning, February 17th.  We were glad to see land again.

During our long sea trek the two gasoline turbine engines that work in tandem with the diesel engines  on the ship went offline so we had to drop our speed by 30%.  We were worried they would not be able to get them fixed, but about 24 hours later they got them back up to speed again and we could continue on at our way at high speed.  We have a date with the Queen Elizabeth in Sydney Harbor on the 22nd of February at 6 AM to make an appearance in Sydney with grand fanfare.  More on that story in a later post.

Back to Freemantle.  So after so many days at sea, we had a list of “errands to run.”  Carolyn had developed a case of the snuffles, so we knew we had to get some cold medicine.  Carolyn also needed a hair cut, so that went on the list.  I needed to buy stamps for postcards.  We needed Australian money to make all these purchases. So the list grew.  Luckily, we had planned to use Freemantle as an internet day (at cheaper rates since it is 25 cents a minute on board the ship).  The two Barbara’s had headed off to Perth to a winery and to see the animals at a wildlife center.

But Carolyn and Mary Jane stayed in Freemantle to enjoy the town.  The shuttle bus brought us into the city from the port, and luckily there was a hair salon across the street from the where the bus let us off.  We all made a bee line for the salon, and Carolyn stood in line while Mary Jane went to find an ATM machine to bring back money.  I think that Salon must have had a record breaking day with so many men and women going for hair cuts.

In looking for the ATM machine, Mary Jane found the discount drug store not far from the hair salon, as well as a postal outlet that sold stamps, so we got stamps and then headed to the pharmacy.  Pharmacy rules in foreign countries are always different than in America.  What we can buy over the counter in America may be restricted in another country, and what is over the counter in a foreign country is restricted in America.  All we wanted was a cold tablet that would help with her snuffles and sore throat.  At first the staff person wanted us to go to the medical center down the street for a doctor’s visit, but we said she did not need that.  So after quite a long discussion about all her symptoms, her allergies, what medications she was taking, and getting approval from the pharmacist to sell her the product, she was able to buy a package of Dimetapp that is sold over the counter in America.  Just what she needed, and she is almost all better now.

It was close to 100 degrees that day in Fremantle, so we decided to amble about the streets and see what there was to see.  We had not brought our computers since all those sea days had allowed us to catch up on our internet work.  We stopped and got fruit smoothies from a sidewalk business, sitting on a nearby bench to watch the world go by.  Some pretty interesting characters were there, lots of school children, with their book bags, which I did not understand since it is summer time here, and various sea gulls begging for hand outs.  All in all a low stress level day that we enjoyed.

The 2 Barbara’s brought us back some photos from their trip, so I have included them for you to see.  We will have lots more pictures of the animals in our post from Adelaide where we all spent our time at the Cleland Wildlife Center talking to the animals there.

Cute and cuddly Koalas. They sleep 20 hours every day!


Look at those claws on the Koala bear.


One of many species of kangaroos in Australia.


Baby joey with his leg hanging out of Momma's pouch.


Noisy kuckaburro.


Smiling park ranger with hairy nosed wombat

And just in case you thought we may be homesick for some signs of America,

Fremantle made us feel like we were back in the U S of A.





Sunset as we left Fremantle, Australia


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  1. Photos are so good I feel almost there. I am worried about you all going to Egypt. How come there are no photos of “water aerobics” and “yoga”? I miss you. The dogs and cats are well cared for, but Leo needs some love. Janet

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