Three Sisters and Featherdale

Our second day in Sydney, Australia, we headed back out to the countryside, this time to the Blue Mountains.  The name for these mountains is derived from the mountains’ distinctive blue haze, produced by eucalyptus oil evaporating from millions of gum trees.  Specifically, we went to see the Three Sisters rock formation.  What better place for three sisters to visit than the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains.  Originally, there were five sisters (rock formations) but through the years, two of the pinnacles fell into the Jamison Valley below.

This trio of mountain peaks is best viewed from Katoomba, but we wanted a closer view, so we opted to ride the replica of the original Mountain Devil Scenic Railway car, which takes you down the mountainside with a vertical drop of 206 meters with an incline at 52 degrees.  It is the steepest incline railway in the world.  The pictures of it do not do it justice.  You just have to experience the ride down to get the thrill.  Coming back up the mountain was far easier via cable car.

We also got another visit with the Australian animals at the Featherdale Wildlife Center on our way to the Blue Mountains.  It was a memorable day for everyone who made the trip.

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One Response to “Three Sisters and Featherdale”

  1. Barbara Moschella March 9, 2011 at 3:37 pm

    What an experience. Three sisters and three rock formations. How spiritual is that! Pictures were great, especially the Blue Penguins. So Mary Jane, what did the Owl tell you?

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