Chinese Pretzel People

An evening performance of the Chinese Acrobats is something you never want to miss if you get an opportunity to see them.  They are fantastic!  Such talent these young people have.  The picture below gives you a complete understanding as to why I call them the Chinese Pretzel People.  I am not sure that the human body was designed to move this way, but these kids have a way to make it look oh so graceful and natural. Imagine he discipline it takes to do what is humanly impossible to do.




Each of the sticks is topped with a plastic plate that is not attached to the pole in any way.

The girl must keep each of the sticks spinning so the plate does not fall off.  I don’t suggest you try it.

Leave it for the professionals.









Each of the lads is juggling at least 3 hats at all times.








Please note that all of these moves are done with only one hand for support.








This was not acrobatic, just death defying.

They start with one motorcycle inside this huge metal globe.

Then they keep adding motorcycles until, in the end,

they have a total of 8 motorcycles inside the globe zooming around.







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