Hot Breaking News as We Approach Cochin, India

Barb just burst into the cabin warning her sisters that the ship’s security officers are on Pirate Patrol.  People were warned to leave the decks last night shortly after dark when one of Carolyn’s friends demanded to know why she was asked to leave the deck.  She learned of the ship’s heightened awareness of pirates in the area.  Many of the outer decks were rimmed with security personnel with long range binoculars and 2 way radios throughout the night.  The eardrum breaking sound equipment was mounted on several strategic locations.  Most concern was focused on Deck 7, which would be the most logical entry deck by pirates, probably using grappling hooks to scale the ship’s hull.  We sleep on Deck 5.  Stay Tuned.


One Response to “Hot Breaking News as We Approach Cochin, India”

  1. Keep us posted and stay safe!!! Seems as though there is NEVER a dull moment!

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