Barcelona ~ Experience La Rambla

This was Mary Jane’s second trip to Barcelona and Carolyn’s first.  Mary Jane loves this city even though she has not ventured off La Rambla, which is a broad, tree shaded boulevard that stretches for nearly a mile from the city’s center to the waterfront. 

According to one of the Berlitz guide books, “La Rambla takes its name from an Arabic word meaning a sandy, dry river bed, and it was a shallow gully until the 14th century, when Barcelona families began to construct homes nearby.  As the area became more populated, the stream was soon paved over.”


The boulevard is divided into sections, each with its own distinct character.  One section is devoted to birds, and because it is springtime, many bunnies were for sale also.



Birds and bunnies give way to the flower market that was filled with the most beautiful roses and spring flowers you will ever see.


Further down the boulevard, on the right hand side, is one of La Rambla’s great attractions: the Mercat de Sant Josep, usually called La Boqueria.  This market is truly awesome, with every imaginable item to make a “gourmand swoon.”


One of the more intriguing sights on La Rambla are the human statues.  They come in all sizes and levels of originality. In most cases the “statue” stands perfectly still, holding a pose until a passerby drops a few coins into the pail at the statue’s feet. Then the interaction begins. They do put on a good show and draw crowds of young and old alike.  It is also fun to watch the performers putting on their makeup and costumes before they go on their pedestals.  The makeup is some instances is very original.


 There is always plenty to see on La Rambla, and even though it only takes 20 to 30 minutes to walk its length, it seems to take us hours just to enjoy everything it has to offer.



4 Responses to “Barcelona ~ Experience La Rambla”

  1. Absolutely incredible pictures AGAIN!!!!! Hard to believe you will be home in a week!! Miss you!

  2. Cindi Cannizzaro April 22, 2011 at 12:23 am

    Brings back good memories – looks like the same human statues are still there from 2 yrs ago. I LOVE Barcelona!

  3. Those pics are gorgeous!!! You really captured all the beautiful,vibrant colors of the flowers, market goods and architecture too! The human statues are amazing! Did you ride in a “go-car”? And, too many chocolates! I’d have a hard time choosing so would have to get them all! What are the pink flowers in the pic under the cute bunnies? I love those! They look like they have little pearls for their centers!

  4. I’ve been in Spain in the south at Malaga and spent several days at Cordova but that is all. And it poured rain much too often. Your photos were wonderful and such fun to see. The human statues were quite interesting. We first saw them at the Venetian in Las Vegas – not a place to spend much time in my opinion. Re-markable “statues” though. Continue to have fun. We love sharing it

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