On Safari in Zambia and Botswana

Barb and Mary Jane had a wonderful opportunity to go on safari with Abercrombie & Kent in October of 2012 to Zambia and Botswana. Even though we were only away for 13 days, it seemed like we were a world away because we were so immersed in the safari experience. Our 16-hour plane ride from Atlanta to Johannesburg was exhausting, but it was all worth it.

A & K reps met our plane and we transferred to Fairlawns where we enjoyed our stay in this unique facility where heads of state have been guests in the past. Each of the suites is decorated and furnished around a theme inspired by the owners’ travels.

Fairlawns Hotel

Fairlawns In Sandton

Fairlawns In Sandton

After a challenging journey from Johannesburg by van, two airlines, and a safari vehicle, we forded a river populated by hippos and crocodiles ultimately arriving at the Chichele Presidential Lodge. After checking into the Lodge, we went on our first game drive, seeing many magnificent animals in the wild.

Z Blog Day 1 003


Aper2Blog 014

Aper2Blog 037

Aper2Blog 060

Mother and baby elephants

Mother and baby elephants

As the skies began to darken at dusk, we were driven to the banks of a local river where we were treated to a sundowner (cocktail hour) complete with a serenade, hippos, drinks and canapés.

Sundowner Serenade

Sundowner Serenade

After the sun had set, we got back into our safari vehicles

along with a Park Ranger to track our first leopard.

Stalking our first leopard

Stalking our first leopard

She caught a hare

Successful at catching a hare

Marking his territory

Marking his territory

After a successful hunt, we headed back to the Lodge. Our rooms were large

and each bed was surrounded with mosquito netting

(which was true for all the accommodations during our journey).

Mosquito nets to keep us safe at night

Mosquito nets to keep us safe at night

Z Blog Day 1 026

Wall decorations at Chichele Presidential Lodge


3 Responses to “On Safari in Zambia and Botswana”

  1. We just left Cartagena, Columbia. Going through the Panama Canal tomorrow!

  2. We just left Cartagena, Columbia. Going through the Panama Canal tomorrow!

  3. Hi MaryJane where are you now?

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