Third Day on Safari in South Luangwa Zambia

Our third day in South Luangwa National Park was an exciting one!  First we found our pride of lions and one of the females chose to lay down in the shade of our vehicle, but when one of our traveling companions extended his telephoto lens out from under the canopy, he invaded her space and she threatened to attack. Mary Jane was the closest person to her when she growled and alerted the rest of the pride to potential danger.

Z Blog Day 3 001



Z Blog Day 3 003

Next we found a rare pack of wild (painted) dogs and tracked them as they pursued some prey that eluded our sight.  The game trackers had not seen the wild dogs in this area for over 5 months, so they were very happy to know that the packs were back

Wild Painted Dogs

Wild Painted Dogs

Z Blog Day 3 005

Taking a rest

Taking a rest

We were watching some waterbuck along a dry riverbed when the wooded area above exploded with sounds of angry elephants.  The tracker surmised that the wild dogs had tried to attack a baby elephant we had seen in the area.  The herd stampeded to its rescue, but all we could see and hear were trees shaking, shrieking elephants and limbs crashing. Then silence!

We spotted a female leopard in a tree along side the road we and tracked her as she got down and tried to evade us.  We followed her across the road and, after she seemingly posed for photos, she disappeared into the bush.

Z Blog Day 3 008

Z Blog Day 3 009

Z Blog Day 3 010

Z Blog Day 3 011

Z Blog Day 3 012

That evening we watched another leopard track a herd of impalas, but we do not know if the leopard was successful on that evening’s hunt.  This area of Zambia (South Luangwa National Park) is a wonderful safari experience.  Because there are fewer tourists, the animals are more approachable and do not appear to be stressed.  South Luangwa Park officials seem to have made significant strides in balancing the needs of the animals within the Park while still enhancing the photographic safari experience for visitors.

Z Blog Day 3 013

Z Blog Day 3 014Z Blog Day 3 015


One Response to “Third Day on Safari in South Luangwa Zambia”

  1. I love the pictures, especially the wild dogs because they are so different. Hope that you and Barbara are enjoying your trip. I was watching House Hunters International last night on the House and Garden channel as a couple hunted for an apartment to rent in Panama City. It has changed so much since I was there for two weeks in 1975. I hope that you can/could get off the ship for a chance to enjoy it.

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