Prisoner for a Day in Fremantle

Bright and early Tuesday morning Barb went directly to Fremantle Prison and served time as a prisoner along with a fairly large group of people. We did not pass go nor collect $200.

Fremantle Prison 1

Fremantle Prison 2

We entered Fremantle Prison – a fascinating and memorable UNESCO World Heritage Site. This sandstone prison dates back to 1855 and was built in Australia’s early days as a penal colony using convict labor. Amazingly, this house of horrors remained in use until 1991.

Fremantle Prison 3

Fremantle Prison 4k

We toured the Main Cell Block and saw the cells in which the prisoners spent 14 hours a day. The inmates slept in hammocks and each cell contained a slop (toilet) bucket. Most of the cells held one person, and later in the prison’s career some cells accommodated two prisoners.

Fremantle Prison 5

Fremantle Prison 6

The original men’s cells were a little over three feet wide by six feet deep and fitted with a hammock slung between two limestone walls, a fold-down table, a stool and a slop jar and water pail.

Fremantle Prison 7

Fremantle Prison 8

Criminals sentenced to capital punishment were housed in Death Row and were subject to the same regulations that applied to other prisoners, except that each man was kept under constant supervision. Over time 43 men and one woman were hanged at Freemantle Prison ~ all convicted murderers. The first hanging took place in 1889 and the last in 1964.

Fremantle Prison 9

Fremantle Prison 10

Beginning in 1988 prisoners could paint the walls of their cells. Prior to that they were covered with a lime wash to discourage insect infestations in the limestone. The prisoner who occupied this cell was given special permission to paint his walls for therapeutic reasons.

Fremantle Prison 11


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  1. My tax advisor visited her mother in Freemantle in about 2010 and she told me to visit this prison on the world cruise. Of course, I didn’t, but I always wondered about it. Glad you got a chance to see it!

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