Langkawi Malaysia ~ An Island Destination for Peace and Beauty

We docked at Porto Malai on the Island of Langkawi in the country of Malaysia. Porto Malai was and continues to be a fishing village. Our guide shared a legend with us about a Princess wrongly accused and put to death, cursed the island for seven generations for the crime.

Langkawi PP 1

For over a hundred years the island had not been prosperous and about 1987 the markets for their rice, rubber, and tin dried up. About the same time the marble quarry was shut down. The decision was made to make the island a duty free port and to capitalize on the island’s natural resources (beaches, waterfalls, hot springs, colored cliffs, historic caves, and the fishing grounds) by promoting tourism.

Langkawi PP 2

The growth and development has been phenomenal and successful. A modern port has been designed for cruise ships; several beaches have been improved and expanded; hotels, resorts and restaurants built, roads constructed; and tourist attractions such as an aquarium, oriental village, fish farm, rubber plantation, rice garden, and cable car developed for domestic and foreign visitors. Rice remains an important crop and is raised along with vegetables, coconuts, herbs and spices.

The first stop on our tour was the Craft Cultural Complex and was an outstanding attraction showcasing Malaysian handicrafts. Not cheap trinkets but beautiful and quality products from forest-based products, batik fabrics, ceramics, metal artifacts, to beautiful art objects, wood products, baskets, rattan-based items, and costume jewelry.

Langkawi PP 3

Langkawi PP 4

Langkawi PP 5

A heritage museum displayed handicrafts and musical instruments representing the various Malaysian ethnic groups and the wedding gallery displaying colorful traditional wedding costumes worn by the various communities of multi-ethnic Malaysia (British, Indian, Chinese, and Malay). Glass blowing and their hand-blown items were also a part of this complex. A great cultural experience!

Langkawi PP 6
Traditional Malayan kite

Examples of handmade batik fabrics

Langkawi PP 7

Langkawi PP 8

Langkawi PP 9

Langkawi PP 10

Below are the ethnic wedding costumes

Langkawi PP 11

Langkawi PP 12

Langkawi PP 13

Langkawi PP 14

Wood Carving and Musical Instruments

Langkawi PP 15

Langkawi PP 16

Langkawi PP 17

Langkawi PP 18

Langkawi PP 19

Langkawi PP 20

Langkawi PP 21

Langkawi PP 22

Glass Blowing

Langkawi PP 23

Our second stop was in the island’s administrative center of Kuah, which also was a fishing village and resort area. We walked along the town jetty that lines the waterfront to see the 36 foot high brown eagle statue that graces the waterfront at the end of the ferry dock. The eagle is Langkawi’s unofficial mascot.

Langkawi PP 24

Langkawi PP 25

Langkawi PP 26

Our last stop was Underwater World – a 32,700 square foot facility with more than 5,000 examples of colorful marine life and tropical fish in 100 specially designed tanks. We saw many exotic fish plus sharks, turtles, stingrays, eels, penguins, birds, and reptiles.

Langkawi PP 27

Langkawi PP 28

Langkawi PP 29

Langkawi PP 30

Langkawi PP 31

Langkawi PP 32

Langkawi PP 33

Langkawi PP 34

Langkawi PP 35

Langkawi PP 36

Langkawi PP 37

Langkawi PP 38

Langkawi PP 39

Langkawi PP 40

Langkawi PP 41

Langkawi PP 42

Langkawi PP 43

Langkawi PP 44

Langkawi PP 45

Langkawi PP 46

Langkawi PP 47

Langkawi PP 48

We forecast within a few years this island will become a major tourist destination!

Langkawi PP 49


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  1. Looks like there would be fantastic snorkeling here! Loved the golden bird!. Gorgeous as were the crafts and fabrics.

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