We Are Packing Our Suitcases Again

2014 africa

Mary Jane and Carolyn (as well as our third sister, Barbara, beginning in Dubai) are off on another adventure. This time we will be circumnavigating Africa.

We leave the 25th of September, fly to Southampton, England for a few days to visit with friends from our 2011 cruise; and then depart on Holland America’s Rotterdam on September 28th. Above, you will see our basic itinerary minus a few stops because of the Ebola epidemic. We will return to Southampton on December 20 and arrive back in the U.S. on December 21st.

On the https://worldsailaway.wordpress.com site you will also find our blog posts from trips in 2011 and 2013. We invite you to peruse them if you have an interest . . . brief summaries are provided.

Its more fun if you sail along with us and add a comment to the blog. That way we know you are there with us!


12 Responses to “We Are Packing Our Suitcases Again”

  1. Hope all is going.well and you bring home lots of stories. Ducks having a good time on Winona’s pond.

  2. Travel safe. Mrs. Lester was a great success!! LE

  3. Looking forward to your updates – always fun to ‘travel with you’!

  4. Diane and Ray will be joining you on H.A. Rotterdam on sun 28th Sept in Southampton to Dubai. Still sailing the high seas! Look forward to meeting up again. Take care from Di and Ray Hanlon.

  5. Hey, Carolyn, i think this so cool! have a great time. Olivia

  6. what a trio. look forward to traveling with you guys. keep me on your list.

  7. Have fun! Diane

  8. Hope you have a great adventure! Look forward to going with you via internet! That is unless you can take me with you. A very large suitcase will do! Have fun!

  9. Bon Voyage!

  10. Barbara Greenstein September 20, 2014 at 10:47 pm

    And I was about to make a lunch date with you! Oh well, am off to NYC for a week. Let’s get together before Xmas (unless you want to pack me into your luggage!)

  11. Safe travels and enjoy the adventure.

  12. Have fun !!!! Bon Voyage …. Sh

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