EartH Without Art is EH

Lisbon was a city in ruins on All Souls Day in 1755, as a result of a major earthquake, followed by fire, and then flooded by a tsunami. To see it today is a sight to behold, with beautiful squares, arches, decorative building details and numerous fountains, all nestled among its seven hills and cobblestone streets.

Lisbon 3


As the title states EartH without art is EH. Each culture has its own concept of art and artists, and Lisbon is no exception. Increasingly, major cities of the world are giving canvas to the street artists in the form of derelict buildings for their own unique style of graffiti art. Here are a few examples we found in our walks in Lisbon.

Lisbon  11


Lisbon 5


Lisbon 4


Lisbon 6


Lisbon 2


As in any large city, there is plenty of street life to see just walking down the wide avenues with multiple shops to tempt you with their wares


Lisbon 9 Bakery Shoppe


Lisbon  10

 Fabric shop

Lisbon 8

Flower stall on street corner 

Mary Jane was particularly moved by the shoeshine man on one of the busy streets, looking at the shoes as everyone passed by, wondering if one of them would be his next customer. She was wearing non leather hiking boots, so she was not a suitable candidate, but the juxtaposition between his seat on his polishing box and the chair for a potential customer told a story that she wanted to remember, so she gave him some money for a picture and received in exchange a memory of a man who lives in Lisbon.


Lisbon  12

Shoeshine man 

Lisbon 1

Carolyn didn’t realize that she had chosen a tour for serious birdwatchers. Because she was intent upon viewing the birds through the lens of her camera, she was taken aback by the excited chatter of her tour mates about all the birds they were seeing. From Carolyn’s viewpoint there wasn’t a bird in sight. Eventually, she glimpsed one very small yellow and black bird as it swung back and forth in the wind on a rather large weed, visible one second and behind other weeds and out of sight two seconds later. She also grabbed a quick shot of birds in flight, an old building, and several boats.


Lisbon CJ 1

Lisbon CJ 2

Lisbon CJ 5



Lisbon CJ 3


Lisbon CJ 4



Lisbon CJ 6

 But this tour afforded her an opportunity to see in a different way – through the eyes of the binoculars and telescope made available. Doing so changed her whole perspective, allowing her to enjoy the antics and features of the birds that were outside her camera range, reinforcing that sometimes it is simply better to see through one’s mind’s eye — to “live the experience” — rather than try to capture it through a photo.


One Response to “EartH Without Art is EH”

  1. October 3, 2014 at 9:57 pm

    Never saw art like this when we were in Lisbon. One of our favorite places to visit. Nice photography. Mary Ann

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