Guardians of Gibralter ~ They Carry No Guns

Gibraltar is a British territory with the look of a London neighborhood. This well known rock is populated with 30,000 full time residents, ninety-five per cent of whom live in apartments.




Additionally, about 5,000 people come across the African border daily to do household service work. The road leading from Morocco bisects the landing strip of the Gibralter airport, so be on the lookout for low flying planes.






This landmass of only 3 miles by 1.5 miles is strategically located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean and has been ruled by the Moors, Spanish, and most recently, the British.


During the mid to late 1700s, British soldiers chiseled tunnels out of solid rock without the advantage of power/electric equipment. Quite an amazing feat!!


When people leave the town by cable car for views over the Straights of Gibraltar they are met by Barbary Apes that roam freely, no cages for these fortunate, spoiled monkeys. Although they are sometimes said to attack visitors, we found them quite docile, except for the young ones that frolicked around us. Food is actually provided by the government, but the apes tend to be a bit light fingered—one stole a lipstick from our guide on a previous trip. Over the past 350 years, tradition has dictated that as long as the Barbary Apes remain, the British will rule Gibraltar.


















2 Responses to “Guardians of Gibralter ~ They Carry No Guns”

  1. Great pictures, Carolyn! Hi to you and MJ.

  2. Woo-Hoo …. Water, water everywhere, in the middle of which is monkeys !!! Quite a pictorial essay of the apes — superb photo ops !!!

    Isn’t technology something — you are thousands of miles away and communicating with PICTURES across that space !!! I am so thrilled to be sharing in your travels.

    Enormous gratitude. Stay well.

    Hugs, Sh

    Am I generating a big communications charge for you with this email?

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