Haifa ~ A Refreshing Contrast to Jerusalem

World Center of the Bahá˙í Faith
The exquisite gardens, that surround the Shrine of Bab, are designed as “hanging gardens” which run along the Louis Promenade and down the slopes of Mount Carmel.

Haifa Pix2

Haifa Pix3

Haifa Pix4

Haifa Pix5

Haifa Pix6

Haifa Pix7

Haifa Pix8

Interior photos of the Basilica of Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel

Haifa Pix9

Haifa Pix10

Haifa Pix11

Haifa Pix12

Pictures in the Arab market area of Haifa

Haifa Pix13

Haifa Pix14

Haifa Pix15

Haifa Pix16

Haifa Pix17

Haifa Pix18

Even a Catholic Church in the Arab section

Haifa Pix1


2 Responses to “Haifa ~ A Refreshing Contrast to Jerusalem”

  1. Love the pictures and hearing your impressions of the rest of the world. It is nice to see things which I had only read about previously.

  2. Oh, yes ! Exquisite !!!!

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