Putting Safety First

We are currently enjoying 4 sea days in a row, having left Jordan and Egypt, and are now sailing toward Oman and the United Arab Emirates. Since this area of the ocean is known to have pirate activity, the crew has been drilled in proper procedures in the rare chance we would encounter such an attack. Naturally, it makes us world travelers pause to consider all aspect of safety while traveling, and thought you would appreciate the following:

Not to lessen the importance of safety abroad, but to look at it from a different perspective, a U.S citizen and oil company attorney now living in Muscat compared safety in Oman with that in the U.S.

One of my coworkers preparing for a business trip to the U.S. came to me with some concerns––she was worried about how dangerous the U.S. is. I started to scoff at her concerns, but then thought of the act of senseless violence in Santa Barbara and of the Sikh man in New York who was almost beaten to death by teenagers accusing him of being a Muslim fanatic. And I thought of how acts of violence in the U.S. are so commonplace now that we’re not even surprised by them. I feel very safe in Oman. I only wish I could honestly tell my coworker that America is just as safe.


Traveling abroad is typically very safe; however, it is always wise to watch what you do and how you do it to ensure your safety.


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