Lumpy Days at Sea ~ We Are Headed For a Cyclone

We left Dubai early Sunday evening, trying to out run a cyclone that has formed in our path. The Captain is taking us on an eastward course towards India, in hopes of skirting the storm, before heading back westward to the Seychelles. Of course a lot depends on the storm, what track it takes, and if it doubles back on us.

 This will be Carolyn’s first storm at sea, and she is getting nervous. But newly arrived third sister, Barbara, already has been in one major hurricane, and Mary Jane has been in four hurricanes at sea.

They are only predicting 15 to 20 foot seas on our present trajectory, so all should be well; however, our Internet connection may be broken for a few days as we sail about the Indian Ocean.

We shall be back on line, hopefully, soon. Just another adventure to add to our diary. 

Mary Jane, Carolyn, and Barbara


9 Responses to “Lumpy Days at Sea ~ We Are Headed For a Cyclone”

  1. Barb…safe travels and have a great trip. Happy Halloween. Bonnie

  2. Sounds fun. In the mid 1940s I was on a troop ship with canvas bunks 5 deep and 12″ between. We had 50 foot waves in a pacific ocean storm that lasted 2 days. The floor got slippery and not from water. Our ship was only 600 feet long so we were like a cork in the water. I went out on deck several times and was looking up at the wave when we were in the valley and down into the valley when on top of the wave. My only concern was that the ship would break in two as a few had done. So feel safe in that big ship and keep your wrist bands on. Have a great trip. We were wondering Sunday if Barb connected. Glad she did, Fred Mathews

  3. Barb,
    Glad you made it to the ship! Stay safe and healthy! Enjoy!

  4. Barbara Greenstein October 28, 2014 at 4:26 am

    Better at sea than on our island! Wonder what the seas will be up to when I’ll be bobbing around in the same ocean for a month from mid-Dec. to mid-Jan.! Keep safe ladies. When the Somalian pirates were at their peak some years ago, our ship was flanked by a British destroyer on one side and a U.S. destroyer on the other; Israeli helicopters overhead, a bunch of international military sharpshooters on deck (you just knew they weren’t carrying violins in those long cases and their hair was buzzed!); and a noise making device up top that would deafen any pirates trying to board (which they didn’t). As a former speech therapist/audiologist, I found the latter to be the worst idea of all! Hope your security was a little dampened from ours! As Noel Coward sang: “Why oh Why do the wrong people travel while the right people stay at home?! ” Bring on that adventure!

  5. Thinking of you all. Be safe. Enjoying your posts!

  6. Batten down the hatches Don your life vests, and Supply yourselves with copious bottles of wine …

    I am sending strong vibes Sh

  7. Take care.
    I’m glad to know that Barbara arrived in Dubai and was able to board the ship before it left port!

  8. Be careful and hang on to something at all times. Those high seas can really throw you around inside that big ship..Something like this will really make you appreciate the power of mother nature and all the water out there. I am sure that your captain will keep you out of harms way. Looking forward to your next post. Be safe guys. Cathy

  9. Safe travels all. I’m sure Barb will shore you all up and keep you huddled together as her ducklings. Barb, you can be sure that seasick Curt will never consider something with such a chance. Awaiting more adventures.

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