Memorable Mosque and a Camel Named Clyde in Abu Dhabi, UAE

According to our onboard Exploration Guide:

Only 50 years ago, Abu Dhabi was just a small fishing village with a fort, the gateway to an emirate with just a few oases. When oil was discovered in the area, the town experienced explosive growth and now controls 95 percent of the oil production in the United Arab Emirates. There are a total of seven emirates, with Abu Dhabi being the largest with a population over 600,000 people, 90 percent of whom are expats from Europe, Asia, the US and other countries in the Middle East.


Abu Dhabi is home to one of the world’s largest mosque (Sheikh Zayed Mosque), so big we could not get the entire building into a single picture with our cameras. Many of the architectural details of this many faceted building are covered in 24-karat gold.


Abu Dhabi1

Abu Dhabi2

Abu Dhabi3

Abu Dhabi4

Abu Dhabi5

Abu Dhabi6

Abu Dhabi7

Abu Dhabi8

Abu Dhabi9

Abu Dhabi10


Outside the city, we drove to Al Ain, a historic oasis that gives a glimpse into the country’s past with its museum and camel market.


Abu Dhabi11


Renovated Old Palace of Sheikh Zayed in Al Ain 

 Abu Dhabi12

Abu Dhabi13

Abu Dhabi14

Abu Dhabi15

Our last stop was the camel market that is the largest in the United Arab Emirates. The camels were on display in pens, but it was the camel handlers who wanted their pictures taken.

Abu Dhabi16

Abu Dhabi17

Abu Dhabi18

Abu Dhabi19

Abu Dhabi20

Abu Dhabi21

Abu Dhabi22

Abu Dhabi23

Abu Dhabi24 



5 Responses to “Memorable Mosque and a Camel Named Clyde in Abu Dhabi, UAE”

  1. We have a big map of the world and are charting your journey. Did you go in the mosque?Carol said that it had the largest Persian rug in the world, an acre in size.

  2. October 31, 2014 at 11:48 am

    One thing I have noticed in the pictures is how clean everything is in all the countries you have been to. I have a young friend who is in Abu Dhabi teaching English to Kindergarten/first grade local children. Elizabeth, her husband & 5 yr.old daughter have been there four years. They have enjoyed it but when her contract is up next Spring they plan to come home for good. The Emirates pay very well!

  3. Ohhhh, BIG thanks for this report of Abu Dhabi — I noted it listed in your “stops” and was a bit disappointed for a couple days that there was no report of it, so —–

    I am delighted, and lordy, what visuals of the buildings … and how revealing and charming the photos of the camel drivers and their animals … I love your humor — the end !!!

    I have a young male colleague who has been doing professional development in this locale so your pictures have given me additional value, for being able to visualize Jim’s possible settings — though, of course, not in any palaces, etc.

    Stay well! Keep on keeping on.

  4. I liked the palm tree, the ladder and the guy on the ground who was smiling!
    Ha. Beautiful photography.

  5. Barbara Greenstein October 31, 2014 at 12:56 am

    Boy! Do these beautiful pix etc. bring back memories! One of our fellow cruisemates didn’t believe camels would bite. To prove his point, he placed his hand in a camel’s mouth. Guess what happened?!

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