A Country of 115 Islands in the Indian Ocean ~ The Seychelles

The Seychelles in the Indian Ocean are comprised of 115 islands; and Victoria, on the island of Mahe, is the capital. France colonized the islands in the 1700s, and later were under British control until their 1976 independence. Many residents are descendants of Africans, Indians, and Chinese, who were brought in to work on the spice, sugar, and cotton plantations. The Creole language, music, food, and architecture reflect the global influences of the past. Victoria is filled with wooden houses sporting colorful, corrugated tin roofs and wrought iron balconies.



Seychelles2  Seychelles3

The natural beauty of Mahe’s sixty-eight island beaches and aquamarine water make it a lovely picturesque island whose economy is dependent on tourism.




Barb choose to take the scenic mountain drive that began with a tour of Victoria and then wound up the steep, narrow road high above the port to Mission Lodge, the ruins of a school for the children of freed slaves. The Boarding School was run by the Church Missionary Society of London to care for and educate the children of slaves freed by the British Navy. The school was founded in 1875 and closed in 1889.



Drawing of Venn’s Town, better known as The Mission.

The view from the top was worth the trip, with dense vegetation and trees covering the huge boulders and steep drop-offs in each side of the road. Most of the homes we passed had fruit trees and flowering plants growing in the yards.









Notice the tree roots cannot penetrate the granite surfaces therefore are left to grow along the surface.


We descended to the west side of the island and enjoyed outstanding views of nearby islands, more modern developments, and beaches.




The principal exports of Victoria are vanilla, coconuts, coconut oil, fish (tuna) and guano.


One might wonder why coconuts do not fall on you, but according to our guide, coconuts have eyes and so only a blind coconut can hurt you!!!!



The highlights of this excursion were the Botanic Gardens that showcase over 200 species of indigenous flora and giant tortoises, which were alert and active – fascinating to watch and learn about.









5 Responses to “A Country of 115 Islands in the Indian Ocean ~ The Seychelles”

  1. Hi Barb and sisters, This is a wonderful excursion that I am enjoying vicariously. Love the photos. Love, Judy


    Are you three becoming over-saturated by the natural and cultural beauty? What a trip you are experiencing … and I get to go along for the ride !!!! Big, big thanks.

  3. Hello ladies, I have reset my password several times trying to write you all. I hope you get this one. I am enjoying all the blogs,photos,and stories. Keep them coming I am imaging I am with you all. Miss you XOXO

  4. Blind coconuts!? Now I’ve seen everything. Sounds like you are having a great time – keep on keeping on.

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