Tala Wildlife Reserve Outside Durban, South Africa

A short distance inland from Durban, African wildlife abounds, including private nature reserves where It is possible to see anything from zebra, to rhinoceros, gazelles, giraffes and hippopotamuses in their natural environment.

In the larger reserves, elephants, large cats (lions, cheetahs, and leopards) plus water buffalo can be seen without going on an expensive multi day safari, though that is the best way to immerse yourself into the African safari experience. 

One of these smaller, private reserves outside of Durban, in the KwaZulu-Natal hills, is called Tala. Because of its smaller size, it does not feature the big cats, elephants, and water buffalo, but it does showcase in an exceptional manner the other animals and birds which live on the African plains.

Tala has seventy-five hundred acres with indigenous acacia, thornveld, open grassland and sensitive wetlands that provides an environment for wild game- and bird-watching. More than 300 bird species, white rhino, hippo, giraffe, jackals, wart hogs, wildebeest, kudu, zebras, and impalas can be seen here. Open 4 x 4 vehicles are used to explore the reserve, driven by knowledgeable rangers who answer all your questions about the animals and show the herds at their best for your photographs.






Just 5 days old!















Water monitor lizard




5 Responses to “Tala Wildlife Reserve Outside Durban, South Africa”

  1. Glad your having a good trip.6 inches of snow last week. colleen doing OK. Safe travels Barb and others.

  2. My dream trip! I’ve been enjoying your wonderful tales of your travels! Keep writing!

  3. Those are outstanding pictures. I forward them to our grandchildren. You are leading the

  4. Lovely photos. Thanks for reminding me what I missed!

  5. Oh, yes ! Finally, a part of Africa with which I am familiar … if you make an eastward swing of a compass north from Cape Town, and a sweep north and west from Durban, there is a strong likelihood that the lines will intersect at Lesotho. In this small country whose climate in early summer was much like that of New Mexico in early winter, I spent six weeks working with the Ministry of Education and principals and teachers who were involved in implementing a new primary school curriculum. This, in schools that had a dirt floor and rows of benches with a long communal table for desks and chairs for pupils, in which classrooms typically had enrollments of 50 onward pupils. The school cafeteria is an outside fire pit.

    Needless to say, A very interesting experience … and went to the game preserves (that were not very sophisticated in terms of their organization and services) to view the wildlife au naturel.

    Such parts of Africa are different as night and day from the elegant and extraordinarily jewel and gold encrusted temples and building in the coastal cities. Thanks so much for these pictures … they will constitute the new mental vision my brain generates when thinking of Africa — otherwise, land of wild animals and some wild citizens !

    You are getting close to full circle, it seems. Are you already planning your next venture?

    Sail safely, and stay well ! Sh

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