Pelicans and a Seal Named Nicholas

Walvis Bay means “Whale Bay” and is a deep-water haven for sea and whaling vessels along the Southern Atlantic between Cape Town and Windhoek, Namibia. The town became part of the English Cape Colony (a portion of what is now South Africa) after WWI and in 1994 became part of Namibia.

 The waters in this area are rich in plankton and marine life that attract whales and fishing vessels alike, with shipping, fishing and salt processing supporting the economy. The Walvis Bay salt fields produce 400,000 tons of salt a year.

Walvis Bay2

 Walvis Bay Lagoon, known as a birder’s paradise, is a stopover for thousands of migratory birds and flamingoes year round, but the only birds we saw on a four-hour catamaran adventure were pelicans.

Walvis Bay3

Walvis Bay4

Walvis Bay5

 This pelican knows where the goodies are stored.

Walvis Bay6

Walvis Bay7


Later in the trip a seal named Nicholas came aboard the catamaran.

Walvis Bay8

Walvis Bay9

 From a distance we saw a large colony of seals lounging along the sand bar. Most of the big males/bulls were on shore, with each male having about 40 females in its harem. Some of the females and younger seals were in the water playing. The males spent most of the time taking it easy, as it was the breeding season.





Walvis Bay10

Walvis Bay11

Walvis Bay12

Walvis Bay13

Walvis Bay14

4 Responses to “Pelicans and a Seal Named Nicholas”

  1. Ahhhh, a pet seal …. neat !!!

    I had stopped at some port on the southern tip, near Cape Town to explore a colony of penguin baby production — thought it might be one and the same as yours, but I think not … I remember so well the drapes of magnificent bougainvillea up from the beach and the babies, so small that the Ranger held one in his hand … of course, we mere mortals were not allowed to have any contact — undoubtedly, just as well.

    So, you are sweeping around and are heading north, I guess, by now.

    Stay well. Smooth sailing, Sh

  2. December 1, 2014 at 10:48 am

    I love to watch pelicans and seals. I think they can be very entertaining. Much more so then the lizards & sidewinders:) Mary Ann

  3. Dear Barb, I have so enjoyed all the messages from you and your sisters. It appears to be a fantastic trip. I am about to depart for Myanmar on Thursday morning, and so I won’t be seeing your posts until I get back at Christmas. May the rest of your journey be terrific. Love, Judy

  4. I should have known that you would write about birds. I like that friendly seal.

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