OneSimCard ~ Perfect Way to Stay in Touch Back Home

Leaving your home for 3 months to travel around Africa and the Arabian peninsula, you need to give some thought as to how you will communicate with family and friends while you are away.

Email and texting quickly come to mind as suitable for communication; however, for some of us of the older generation, we may not text and do not want to spend hundreds of dollars for internet time onboard the ship to email. And sometimes it is just good to talk to family and friends on the phone, provided you do not forget the time difference and accidentally call at 3 in the morning. 

On previous long voyages, I used to spend valuable shore time to hunt down a phone card and then find a “working” phone booth that would facilitate the phone card. There is a simpler way that has worked wonderfully for me on this voyage. 

I purchased an GSM unlocked cell phone through Amazon (RCA M1) and married it with a OneSimCard international calling card. The company is located outside Boston, Massachusetts, and was able to send my personalized OneSimCard via overnight express delivery in time for me to get it installed and operational before I left town 2 days later.

Since I am traveling to 20 different countries or overseas territories, I needed a card that would service all these areas at reasonable prices. OneSimCard, hands down, provided the most coverage at the best prices of any other international calling company I researched. The instruction brochure that you can download to any mobile device is clearly written with real life examples that are easy to follow. The card also provides many features I did not use, but visit their website at for all the details on what this card can do for you. I highly recommend it. 

So far I have been successful using the card in England, Portugal, Gibraltar, Spain, Malta, Greece, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, U.A.E., Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion Island, South Africa, Namibia, and Angola. Each time the connection has been clear and easy to complete. Check it out when you are planning your next overseas voyage or land tour.


3 Responses to “OneSimCard ~ Perfect Way to Stay in Touch Back Home”

  1. Ah, splendid info — I needed it a decade or two ago … when I was investigating communication possibilities.

    I intend to share this with all of my world traveler friends and colleagues … which brings me again to the point about the cost to you of my responses !

    While I am enjoying your international communiques, I know that it is not free. Give me some guidelines about length, frequency, etc.

    Having noted all of this, I look forward to your next stop en-route the continent. Stay well and safe.

  2. December 3, 2014 at 10:34 am

    Great! I am sure Leo was happy to hear your voice as you were his. Nice. Mary Ann

  3. Now if you can just convince the company that you will be its international spokesman for a not so small fee…….

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