Historic Windows and Doors of Las Palmas

The last two Canary Islands we visited are Gran Canaria and Lanzarote. Each is similar to the others, but also different. Nearly half of those who live in the Canary Islands reside in Las Palmas on Gran Canaria, making this city the fifth most populous in Spain.

 Gran Canaria2

Gran Canaria3

Las Palmas enjoys a mild climate year round, making this destination pleasant to both live in and visit, attracting millions of tourists each year. One of the sights we enjoyed seeing was the Cathedral of Santa Ana. Gothic, Renaissance, and Neoclassic architectural styles are all present in the current design.

Gran Canaria4

Gran Canaria5

Gran Canaria6

Gran Canaria7

Gran Canaria8

Gran Canaria9

Gran Canaria10

  The church is located in the historic district that provided us with many opportunities to photograph the different details of the historic buildings.

Gran Canaria11

Gran Canaria12

Gran Canaria13

Gran Canaria14

Gran Canaria15

Gran Canaria16

Gran Canaria17

Gran Canaria18

Gran Canaria19

Gran Canaria20

Gran Canaria21

Gran Canaria22

Gran Canaria23

Gran Canaria24

Gran Canaria25

3 Responses to “Historic Windows and Doors of Las Palmas”

  1. rozzellmaryann@aol.com December 11, 2014 at 1:04 pm

    Love these ancient buildings. I was beginning to think there were no people living there & then I saw pix of the man walking his dog & the two sweet children on the dog statue. Another extremely clean town. Wish we could say the same in our American cities..

  2. Barbara Greenstein December 11, 2014 at 12:07 pm

    LOVE your pix and descriptions. Lanzerote brings memories of many Irish friends who vacation there to get some sun (and usually came home fried!) I leave on my adventure on Dec. 18th, home Jan. 21st. They’ve cancelled Kenya due to threats to foreigners (State Dept.) so extra time in Tanzania. Hope they don’t cancel any more. CIA report could have negative result for other countries on itinerary. See you (?) next month?

  3. Fabulous, Ladies !!! You have the “special” eye for where to point your cameras …

    Most certainly, the buildings and their particular features are handsomely noteworthy — the juxtaposition of the child in the red shirt, with apple, added and contrasted with the stately formality of the buildings, and added to the pleasure of the photos.

    Appears that you are moving rapidly now to closing the circle of your trip. Stay well … and safe !!! And, happy homecoming, soon.

    Hugs, Sh

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