Fathom ~ Social Impact Travel

You have cruised to many destinations and seen the sights, but did you actually have the time to meet the people and begin to understand their situation, their daily struggle?

Carnival Corporation is offering a cruise with a new focus:

To combine your love of travel with your desire to make a difference.


Carnival is launching a new cruise line, Fathom Travel Ltd., focused on making a difference for the people of the Dominican Republic and Cuba.

Beginning in April of 2016, Fathom will offer seven-night cruises sailing to the Dominican Republic, round trip out of Miami. Passengers are encouraged to participate in Fathom sponsored social-impact projects during the three days they are docked in the country at Amber Cove cruise port.

© Fathom Travel Ltd

© Fathom Travel Ltd

In the Dominican Republic, the shore excursion focus is educational, environmental, and economic. Passengers will help both children and adults develop their English skills, thereby assisting them to improve their confidence and gain access to better paying jobs.

Economic development is also key given the loss of revenue from the dying sugar cane industry. Passengers will have the opportunity to work with local women’s cooperatives, helping the people to develop skills in the growing and processing of the cacao beans for export.


© Fathom Travel Ltd

Environmentally, the two greatest needs are the provision of clean drinking water by crafting ceramic water filters and replanting 20,000 trees to enrich the soil and environment.

© Fathom Travel Ltd

© Fathom Travel Ltd

© Fathom Travel Ltd

Please watch this short movie (2-1/2 minutes) about the experience in the Dominican Republic.

Click here for movie

Fathom’s first ship, the Adonia, carries 710 passengers. One of the original Renaissance ships currently sailing with the P&O line, Adonia will be moving to Fathom in the Spring, 2016.

© Ivan T (own work) creativecommons.org

© Ivan T (own work) creativecommons.org



On alternating weeks, the Adonia will sail to Cuba as part of the newly written cultural exchange guidelines that allow educational travel between Cuba and the United States. While the experience in the Dominican Republic emphasizes interaction with the local people by working alongside them on impact activities, the experience in Cuba will be a person-to-person exchange, immersing passengers in “a variety of cultural, artistic, educational, and humanitarian activities,” (Fathom brochure).

© JTF-GTMO (public domain via Wikimedia Commons)

© JTF-GTMO (public domain via Wikimedia Commons)

The journey to Cuba will include cultural exchange activities at three different ports on the island: Havana, Cienfuegos, and Santiago de Cuba. Passengers return to the ship each evening where activities and meals continue the Cuban immersion experience.

© Jorge Royan http://royan.com.ar (CC-BY-SA-3.0)

© Jorge Royan http://royan.com.ar (CC-BY-SA-3.0)

Prices for the cruises start at $974 per week (per person, double occupancy) for the Dominican Republic and $1,800 (per person, double occupancy) for Cuba. Government fees and taxes are additional. When compared to land based packages currently being offered to Cuba, the Fathom cruise rates are very reasonable.

© Adam Jones adamjones.freeservers.com (CC-BY-SA-3.0)

© Adam Jones adamjones.freeservers.com (CC-BY-SA-3.0)

The Greatest Gift

You Can Give Someone

Is Your Time,

Because You Are Giving Them

Something You Can

Never Get Back.

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