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A Different View of Cape Town

Cape Town is a thriving multicultural community with architecture, food, and culture that reflects its diverse peoples past and present. Considered one of he world’s most beautiful cities, it is surrounded by the spectacular scenery of Table Mountain, False Bay, the Cape of Good Hope, and the famed wine region that is dotted with Dutch farmhouses and vineyards of incredible beauty. Also, outside the city, surfing rules the nearby beaches and further out wildlife ranges from African penguins at Boulders Beach to gazelles, zebras, lions and elephants on nearby nature reserves. There is no other place like this special spot on the southernmost tip of Africa.

Chap Peak Drive1

Iconic view of Cape Town’s Table Mountain as seen from our cruise ship. 

On our two previous trips to Cape Town, we had emphasized the areas within the city and the drive down to the Cape of Good Hope to see the penguins. This visit we wanted to see the “other side” of Cape Town so our agenda was very different.

In this blog posting we shall show you the pictures along the beautiful Chapman’s Peak drive beside the Atlantic Ocean, Hout Bay, the resort areas of Camps Bay, Clifton, and posh Sea Point. 

In our next posting, you will get an introduction to the life in the Imizamo Yethu township, which was designed for 450 families but now houses over 34,000 people. We know you will find it interesting.

Chap Peak Drive2

Chap Peak Drive3

Chap Peak Drive4

Chap Peak Drive5

Chap Peak Drive6

Chap Peak Drive7

Chap Peak Drive8

Chap Peak Drive9 

Chap Peak Drive10

Chap Peak Drive11

Chap Peak Drive12

Chap Peak Drive13

Chap Peak Drive14

Chap Peak Drive15

Chap Peak Drive16

Chap Peak Drive17

Chap Peak Drive18

 Chap Peak Drive19

Chap Peak Drive20

Chap Peak Drive21

Chap Peak Drive22

Chap Peak Drive23

Chap Peak Drive24

Chap Peak Drive25

Cultural African Dance and Dinner

Our first evening in Cape Town we attended an African Dance and Dinner at the Africa Cafe. Through the universal rhythm of popular dance, emotive rhythm of popular songs, and the thunderous beat of he African drum, we witnessed the cultural evolution of this beautiful land. From the powerful war dance of African warriors, the show moves into the industrial era of Southern Africa.


African Dinner1

African Dinner2

African Dinner3

African Dinner4

African Dinner5

African Dinner6

African Dinner7

African Dinner8

 No dance reflects this era better than the gumboot dance for which the dancers wore heavy gumboots. Originating in the mines of Africa, this rhythmic dance evolved from the need to communicate in code (with a thud and slap of boots on the boards) while deep in the bowels of the earth. The gumboot dance later evolved as a means to pass time while miners lived away from their families for months at a time. 

African Dinner9

African Dinner10

African Dinner11

African Dinner12

African Dinner13

 The dances then moved onto the dance-hall days of the 1940’s and ‘50s. Jazz was the tune of the day, and even though South Africa was in strife, nothing suppressed the indomitable spirit of the nation.

African Dinner15

African Dinner16

African Dinner17


After the show we enjoyed a 14-course African dinner, outlined below:

Africa Café Cassava Bread

Baked tapioca and cheese flat bread


Malawi Mbatata Chesese and Sim Sim Balls

Sweet potato and cheese balls rolled in sesame seeds 

Moroccan Lamb Stew

Traditional lamb stew sweetened with dates

Xhosa Imifino Patties

Spinach and maize patties


Channa Fish

Dusted with chic pea flour and lightly fried


Basmati Rice


Ethiopia Dora Wat Chicken

Chichekn thighs in a medium berbere-paprika sauce


Egyptian Koshery

Lentils, brown rice and noodles topped with a rich garlic tomato gravy


Cape Malay Dhal Curry Roti

Medium strength lentil curry in spelt flour roti


Congolese Spinach

Fresh spinach cooked with peppers and tomato


Africa Cafe Vegetable Soup

Vegetable soup flavored with seaweed


Traditional Vetkoek

Lightly fried bread balls


Ethiopian Lab

White curd cheese with homegrown herbs



Carrot Cake

African Dinner14


As an interesting side note, Devyn Milne from Canada was one of our traveling companions (along with her mother and grandmother).

African Dinner18

 She spent most of her days onboard the ship enjoying Club HAL, which is a special children’s program for youngsters from toddlers to teens, with age specific activities for each group. As a special activity our first day in Cape Town, the ship arranged for some of the dancers and drummers to come to the ship to show the kids how to drum and some of their dance steps. So it was a special treat for Devyn to participate in the evening festivities with her more senior companions and to see how it all fit together during the performance.

African Dinner19

African Dinner20