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We are counting the days

In three more days we are on our way . . .

We fly to LaGuardia airport in New York on Wednesday, hopefully with no glitches in air travel from Michigan or South Carolina, though we are going to be skirting snowstorms from both directions.

Luggage Concierge has received our luggage that is patiently awaiting our arrival and transfer to the Queen Mary on Thursday.  We just hope we can join it in a timely manner.

Luggage Concierge did a wonderful job scheduling and tracking our luggage, with phone updates along the way.  With the high cost of airline luggage fees, you should look at Luggage Concierge to take care of your air transport needs at a reasonable fee.

We have reservations at the Marriott Hotel at Brooklyn Bridge, which is just 2 miles from the cruise ship terminal, so the transfer on Thursday should be seamless.

We are looking forward to the 3 Queen Celebration at the Statute of Liberty about 6:45 PM on Thursday. There will be lots of fireworks, but temperatures in the 20’s, so we South Carolinians are making sure to bring our earmuffs and mittens.

Brrrrrrrrr!  Barbados at 84 degrees here we come!

Packing for 103 days is challenging

Packing for a trip that is 103 days long is quite an undertaking especially when you take into account that the temperature range on our trip will be a low of 32 and a high of 100 degrees.

Plus we have 43 formal nights, 23 semi formal nights, and the remainder is elegant casual.  (Now if we had known ahead of time there were so many formal nights, these 3 farm girls would have bolted out the barn door.)

Add to that the fact that each of us has just 22-1/2 inches of hanging space in our cabin closet.  And then there is the weight and size restrictions the airlines have set on all checked luggage.

Plus we have to store our suitcases under our beds in the cabin (no trunk storage room) and the clearance under the bed is just 11-3/4 inches, so some suitcases did not make the team.

Each requirement has been a challenge, but we think we have it somewhat under control.  I did a practice run, packing as much stuff as I could in my large suitcase and then did an analysis of what was left over for the second suitcase.

Luggage Concierge Service up in New York is going to handle our luggage transfers. We shall each ship 2 suitcases via UPS ground a week ahead of time.  The luggage service will then take the bags from UPS and store them until the day we sail and deliver them to the ship for us.

Cunard will place them in our cabins, so even if we miss the ship because of bad weather getting to New York City, our luggage will enjoy a leisurely trip with out us down to Fort Lauderdale where we will have another chance to catch up with the ship.